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Periodontics in Lewisporte

Of all the terms you hear in the dentist’s chair, “gum disease” is probably the one that evokes the most fear. We’ve all seen those pictures and warnings around the office, and no one wants to think about such a potentially painful and far-reaching condition. But the truth is up to 80% of the population has gum disease in some form. The most common form, gingivitis, is usually mild but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. If left untreated, advanced gum disease can quickly follow, and with it comes serious periodontal issues and negative impact on both your health and quality of life.

At Lewisporte Dental Clinic, we are your partners in your fight against gum disease. We start with education for all our patients and encouraging routine and preventative care. There’s no better way to avoid gum disease than by coming to see us regularly. Gum disease is caused by untreated plaque and tartar, which in time leads to inflammation in the gum tissues and the spread of bacteria. The best path to prevention is in the dentist’s chair, with regular cleanings and examinations.

For those patients already dealing with gum disease, we are skilled in many treatments and procedures that will both reduce the effects and promote healing. Here’s what we offer:

Scaling and root planing

Scaling, the process of removing plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface, happens at every dental cleaning. The longer it’s been between cleanings, the more built-up those deposits will be, and the more scaling will be required to remove it. Periodontic scaling is the process of removing tartar that has advanced below the gumline, including down to the roots of the teeth in some cases (root planing). This deep cleaning is necessary to remove bacteria and provide a healthier environment.

Tooth Extraction

Although we always try to save teeth whenever possible, tooth extraction is sometimes necessary in order to preserve the health of the surrounding teeth and tissues. If we feel removal of a tooth is the right call, we perform it in-office with the utmost regard for your care and comfort.

Whether you’ve got a touch of gingivitis or more advanced periodontal issues, Lewisporte Dental Clinic has the treatments – and the compassionate care – you need to start making your way back to optimal oral health.

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