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Dental Restorations in Lewisporte

Dental restoration is the process of bringing teeth back to their original condition, or sometimes even better than their original! While damage and decay can take their toll on teeth, modern dentistry gives us many options to help patients get back the look and function of their teeth, and even improve on nature.

At Lewisporte Dental, we do both major and minor restoration work. Backed by our up-to-date technology and professional expertise, we’ve got the answers you need to any common dental problem.


It’s rare to find a patient who’s had zero experience with this restoration technique! Fillings are a common procedure, and for good reason. Fillings restore those holes in our teeth known as cavities, but also fix cracks and deal with cavities, they can also fix cracks and other minor damage. Composite resin or silver amalgam is used to patch up those holes and cracks so they don’t get any bigger.


A heavily-damaged tooth in need of extra support is usually fitted with a dental crown. Normally used for teeth with extensive damage or after a procedure like a root canal, a crown is a hollow, artificial tooth used to fit over the old one, giving it a natural looking appearance and function.


A dental bridge spans the open space caused by missing teeth. By mounting artificial teeth or crowns to the bridge, the smile is restored, remaining teeth are unable to shift, and the patient is better able to speak and eat. Healthy teeth on either side of the space act as the anchors for the bridge.

Dental restorations are an essential part of maintaining both your smile and your overall oral health. Let us help you today!

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