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Orthodontics & Invisalign in Lewisporte

Did you know that over 4 million people in the US and Canada are in the process of orthodontic treatment? That’s a lot of braces! And a lot of fixed smiles, too. Orthodontics will give every one of those patients straighter teeth, but that’s not all. Orthodontic treatment also brings the teeth, lips, and jaw into proper alignment, fixing issues that range from mild to severe. The benefits go beyond an attractive smile: straight teeth function better and are easier to keep healthy and clean, making orthodontics a great investment in your long term oral health.

At Lewisporte Dental Clinic, we rely on traditional metal braces for our orthodontics patients. This tried-and-true method is reliable and economical for patients, and modern advances in treatment mean metal braces are more comfortable and effective than ever.

If you or someone in your family need help to achieve that perfect smile, or have issues with crowded, misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite, orthodontics from Lewisporte Dental Clinic can help! Make an appointment today and let’s talk about your options.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign® plastic aligners are an alternative to metal braces. The aligners are unnoticeable while you wear them, and you can remove them when you eat or brush your teeth. Invisalign® works the same way as braces, and you will need to see your dentist regularly to check your progress and receive new aligners. The treatment time depends on the amount of correction required.

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