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Guards & Bite Appliances in Lewisporte

Guards & Bite Appliances in Lewisporte

Many things can affect our oral health, including everyday habits, hygiene, and routine care. Sometimes, though, factors that affect us come from some unexpected places. And, as with many other situations, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you play contact sports such as rugby, football, or hockey, you may be risking damage to your mouth and jaw. These sports, as well as others, carry a probability of accidental damage, with all the pain and expense that comes along with it. If you grind your teeth at night (also known as “bruxism”), you’re also leaving yourself open for problems. Bruxism can cause pain and soreness, exacerbate TMJ conditions, and even crack or fracture your teeth.

Sports guards and bite appliances, made from flexible plastic and custom fitted to your mouth, provide a high level of protection against injury and damage. By acting as a shock absorber, the guard or appliance absorbs the force of the accidental blow or the pressure caused by the grinding teeth, preventing it from affecting the mouth and jaw. Comfortable and made just for you, these appliances and guards are both effective and a smart investment.

If you regularly participate in sports, or wake up in the morning with a sore jaw and teeth, it’s time to ask Dr Williams or Dr Collard about a sports guard or bite appliance. A little prevention goes a long way!

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